Woodstock Backup

Centralized Backup Software (based on BTRFS)

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Modern user interface based on Material Design

Accessible storage

The storage can be easily readable for archiving on usb drive

Btrfs Storage

The storage is based on Btrfs reduce the size of incremental backup

# Woodstock backup

# Last version

The lastest version is 1.0.2 (opens new window), released on August 08, 2020.

# Features

  • Modern Web interface can be used to easily launch backup, view running task, restore file, see some statistics...
  • API can be used to create other interface or automate backup,
  • Centralized backup allows backup to be made automatically on a computer, and view in a single interface which computer missing backups.
  • Btrfs storage for data deduplication (and compression)
  • Open-source: Woodstock Backup is distributed under the MIT License.