# Documentation

Woodstock backup is a backup software. The purpose is to backup software from a central point.

Instead of launching the backup from the client, it's the server that contact the client to launch the backup.

The actual version is based on

  • rsync to copy file from the client to the server
  • btrfs to create snapshot and shared block not actually modified

# Summary

# Contribution

  • I accept contributions 😃
  • The rules are simple: I can accept or refuse depending on
    • Is the feature in line with the goal of this backup application ? (I don't accept contributions to make coffee when backup is made)
    • Is the feature written the way I think it should be written (very very subjective, but I will comment your pull request to tell you how I think it should be written)

If you want to add a new feature, the best way is to ask me first if I haven't already made it and if I would accept pull request on it before starting.

PS: I know that this make me a Benevolent Dictor for Life, but if I receive a lot of great contributions, maybe that can be changed 😃

# Licence

MIT (opens new window)