# About Woodstock Backup

Woodstock Backup is a software that can be used to backup many hosts on a centralized server. With the help of deduplication, the storage is minimized.

Woodstock Backup is written in Javascript (NodeJS for the server and Vue for the client). The backup are stored in a btrfs volume with rsync. Woodstock Backup is open source and licensed with MIT Licence.

# BackupPC Features

  • A modern interface with accessible API that can be used to launch backup,
  • With the help of Btrfs, different backups of the same host are stored efficiently,
  • Btrfs can use the compression to reduce the size of files ; it can be configured at mount time,
  • Rsync is used to make backup without client. Rsync is a safe tool used regularly to make backup,
  • Access to file can be made through the modern interface, the api, or the storage,
  • Backup of computer with dynamic IP or only intermittenlty connected to the network,
  • Open Source and freely availble under MIT.

# Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of BackupPC's web interface that provide an overview of various BackupPC features.

Dashboard RunningTask HostBackups Hosts RunningTask0 RunningTask1